Author: Herminia Jones

Dissertation editing

Starting a conversation about scientific editing, we will recall the text in general. The text is understood as a set of sentences, between which there is a semantic and grammatical relationship. In practice, there are the following types of editing: scientific (special); literary; artistic; technical. References consider editing in the format of measures to improve…

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Dissertation service

Many students are faced with a situation where they need to urgently do a term paper, essay, or even a dissertation. But there will definitely be some reason that will prevent it, for example, you are working, or there are problems of a personal nature. A diploma or dissertation is the result of all your…

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What is classical education

Classical education is a secondary education based on the study of ancient languages ​​(Latin, Biblical Greek) and literature. The closest to classical education in content is now a philological education. Classical education is contrasted with real knowledge, which is aimed at studying the natural and exact sciences. Modern classical education is based on the position…

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