How to end a research paper

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Any student work ends with a conclusion. The conclusion in the research paper is substantially similar to the conclusion in other works like course papers or essays. The final conclusion in the research paper should be based on the facts and arguments set out in the central part of the work, on the considered positions of scientists and the results of experiments. The final piece of the research paper should be consistent with the elements of the expert opinion given in the text.

The conclusion in the research paper should not contain fundamentally new facts. It should have only generalizations of things mentioned earlier. The style of the conclusion should correspond to the style of the whole work. If the work is written in a dry scientific style, you should not add artistic means to the conclusion. Otherwise, it will look like a foreign, artificially attached, and not an organic continuation. Similarly, if the publicist style was taken as a basis, then the conclusion should not be significantly more strict.

The main parts are an introduction, an overview of the problem and the author’s position, argumentation of the student’s own judgment and completion. The conclusion gives the text completeness. It summarizes the result of each of the above. In this part, it is necessary to briefly and clearly mark your results and emotions. Spectacular completion contains no more than 5-6 sentences.

Experienced teachers, explaining how to complete the research paper, are advised to write it at the very end. After the work on the core part is completely finished, reread the research paper. Think about how truly and thoroughly you have expressed your thoughts.

Re-read once again observantly your research paper. There are thoughts in the whole paragraph. Write them succinctly on a piece of paper. Comprehend everything written, answer yourself the question: “What is it all about?”

Master the first method of writing a conclusion. It is allowed to begin with general phrases. Such a conclusion will only summarize your essay, but will not bring anything new. Get creative with the writing of your conclusion. Sit down and reflect on the topic.