How to start an essay

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Before we talk about how to start writing an essay, we must repeat once again what kind of literary genre it is. Any textbook tells about the same thing: an essay, as a genre of literature, originated during the Renaissance.

If you cannot decide what to write, it means that the topic has not been studied enough by you, or is not at all unusual. The question of how to start an essay is directly related to understanding the topic, so even before starting work, you should decide on what you can and want to write about. Let the original essay be extensive, and the arguments vague, but all the thoughts that you have on this topic should be recorded. Do not be afraid of the words, their number, because when writing a large volume, the question that is closest to you will turn out by itself.

How to start

The structure of the essay is free, the arguments can be expressed even before the theses that will be formulated later, so you can write about everything you feel. The beginning can be completely arbitrary, but the more you write, the clearer the question starts being.

This is real creativity, it’s impossible to write something worth reading in an hour if you are not a genius of literature. Do not be afraid to get into the jungle of your chosen topic, perhaps there, in the depth of reasoning, there is something that no one before you could see.

There is another way to start writing an essay. You can choose a controversial aphorism. But again, your knowledge on this topic should be more in-depth than it is given in a school or university. In the course of writing an essay, you need to express your opinion on the subject of aphorism, and the argument you will use should be weighty.

It should not be forgotten that an essay is not a novel, the volume of which is very small. This means that all the expressions that you will use must be accurate, symbolic, and at the same time, you must be able to show your unique view on the subject under discussion.